By Drew Podgorski    Published:  October 30, 2012 

                   By Drew Podgorski    Published:  October 30, 2012 

What Obamacare means to people like me

When I was 29 years old, I had a spinal stroke. I really thought I was going to die. Two years later, I'm still here - and I'm working hard to get back to the life I had before.  The stroke affected my body the same as if II/d broken my back, and my recovery depends on physical therapy. 

The problem is, after my stroke I lost my job and my insurance. The only insurance I could get with a pre-existing condition wouldn't cover physical therapy, so I had to go on Medicaid and pay out-of-pocket to get it. 

I've always supported President Obama, but now more than ever. I don't think people realize what Obamacare means to so many people like me. By 2014, I'll have more Insurance options. People like my aunt, passed away this year from lung cancer, won't leave their loved ones with a million dollars in debt because they lost their insurance when they couldn't work anymore. 

Thanks to physical therapy, I've gone from wearing a full leg brace to one from the knee down and walking with a cane. Even though I can't open my right hand, I'm back to playing guitar by teaching myself some tricks. 

As a red, white and bruised American, it means everything to know I can count on my president to be an advocate for people like me when we get sick. I hope everyone will do whatever they can to Red help reelect President Obama.